Thursday, January 19, 2023

Blog Tour Wrap-Up

I hope y'all enjoyed our January blog tour.

If you missed it, here are are the articles in one place:

Reflecting on 2022: Here Comes Change Autumn Rebecca

5 School-Related New Year’s Resolution Ideas Isabella Daou 

3 Tools To Help You Meet Your Goals Desiree Flaming 

How to Achieve Your Writing Goals and Find Focus in 2023 Ava Coulter

 Christian Productivity—Your Motivations Matter Emma Thrasher

And here are some additional articles by people I look up to that I've found very helpful:


I highly recommend the blog Le Passionée for all Christian teenage girls. Her advice is original and spot-on and her articles are beautiful and well thought out.

And that's all for this week! Thanks for joining us on this tour and thank you Autumn, Isabella, Ava, and Emma for your support and dependability. 


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